August, 2010

So finally I got my butt around and got the pictures from me and Mads Hermans Birthday party at Isola in April posted. Yes, I know it's a little late now. Well, anyways, me and Mads (that's the dude I'm hugging on the picture right below) rented the bar and bought two kegs of beer and invited a bunch of friends. It was a great party and I got some really nice gifts. Thanks for the iPhone people :)

Let's take a moment to thank my good friend Jesper who took most of the pictures during the night (and abused my camera).

June, 2010

Aaaargh, where did all the time go?! All the things I wanted to write about and all the pictures I wanted to show. Well, patient people you'll have to be patient a little bit longer and then I will post picetures from my birthday party and other events that I want to share.

April 06, 2010

Guitar Hero! Guitar Hero drums with light sabers! It works though they are a bit noisy, so it's hard to hear the tune.
On sunday we were at Steffen's place. He cooked us a great meal and then we went straight for the Guitar Hero game. Funny how we always end at Steffen's place. Maybe because he's got all the instruments for GH. Later after a couple of beers and bottles of red wine the light sabers became very interesting. 70 pictures later in different light and exposures we got thirsty and had to have another round of smoothie shots. A party of three!
Thank you Steffen for at lovely evening :)

April 06, 2010

I just had a lovely Easter! A lot of relaxing - and that was needed indeed! We went to the country side to see my parents. My mother had put up a bit of easter decoration and outside the trees were all brimming with green buds and the forsythia was almost yellow. Unfortunately it was raining most of the time, so I couldn't get out to take pictures. .

On saturday we went to the yearly Easter lunch with my father's family. We ate the traditional pickled herring and old smelly cheese and drank alot of snaps with it. After stuffing ourselves we went for a lovely walk in the nice spring weather - for that day the sun was shining - before we continued with chocolate cake and coffee. And sure enough, where there are children drawings need to be made! And then it sure helps if you have been working on an animation film. So I did a couple of drawings of the characters from "The Apple and the Worm". But when it comes to drawing airplanes and bombs and blown-up ships it's good to have a boyfriend in the backhand who can also draw:)

March 17, 2010 - later.....

Still working....... zzzzz

March 17, 2010

Been working all night to get this homepage up and running. Thank you, Jonas, for all the help :) And thank you tea with milk and thank you chokolade for keeping me running. I hope that everyone will enjoy my work. I will keep it coming!
x Stine