Hi there, I'm Stine and I am working as a character animator.
I graduated from The Animation Workshop in Denmark in February 2007 after completing their three and a half years Bachelor Degree in Character Animation. I have been working professionally in the animation industry since then and along the way I have been on several Danish feature films, computer games, tv commercials and a short film as well as finishing up my own shortfilm "Die FlederOma".

Latest News

August 2013

On to the next project.
I'm done at Copenhagen Bombay on Beyond Beyond and I'm on to the next project at Nice Ninja. Last year I did a bit of work from at home for Nice Ninja. They were sub contracting for Platige in Poland on an Arab film called "Hero and the Message". Now we are working on the sequel. Here's the trailer for the first film.

November 2012

Working again
I'm back again from my maternity leave and I'm working on a new feature film called Beyond Beyond at Copenhagen Bombay. It is directed by Esben Toft Jacobsen who also directed The Great Bear. The film is very cute about a Rabbit who travels to the world of the dead guarded by the Feather King to be with his mother who died when he was an infant.
It's great to be back.

August 2012

New sketches.
Some new sketches has been added to the Life drawing section. Finally!

August 2012

A trailer is out for "Marco Macaco"".
I have a few shots in this trailer....

July 2012

Hey there, it's been a while!
That's because I'm working on my biggest project so far: my daughter.
I will be back to work again around November.

January 2012

Robert nominations for both "The Great Bear" and "Ronal the Barbarian"
Great news! Both The Great Bear and Ronal the Barbarian have been nominated for a Robert (the Danish equivalent of the American Oscars) in the category "Children's Film of the Year". Niklas Schmidt is also nominated for "Best score" for his music for The Great Bear. Personally I think he could also be nominated for his music for Ronal the Barbarian.

September 2011

An early poster out for "Marco Macaco"
It's the film I'm working on at the moment. It won't hit the theaters untill August next year.

September 2011

The real trailer for "Ronal the Barbarian".
The film has premiere in the end of September and I'm looking so much forward to it! I'm absolutely certain it's gonna rock. And the music will be awesome too.
It will also come out later with an english voice cast.

February 2011

LIMBO wins ANNIE AWARD for best animated video game!
And needless to say that I am very proud since I have done most of the animations in the game.


February 2011

Teaser Trailer out for "Ronal the Barbarian"
Better late than never it's been out for a few month now, but here is a little taste of what I'm working on now.

August 2010

LIMBO has reached 300.000 sold copies for Xbox Live
And that is just in a little over a month. Congrats to Playdead. I am really proud to have worked on this game.

June 2010

Die FlederOma nominated.
My short film Die FlederOma has been nominated for the Hamburg Animation Award. Also it has been selected for the Odense Film Festival and BUSTER - Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth. If you haven't already seen it you will find it in the showroom.

May 2010

My new animation showreel 2010 is online!
You will find it in the showroom

May 2010

Playdead has released the official trailer for LIMBO
The Xbox game I worked on last spring

April 2010

"The Apple and the Worm" has been selected for the official competition at SICAF
The Apple and the Worm is the 2d animated feature film I worked on a little over a year ago.